Photo courtesy of @Anitta

Brazilian singer Anitta made history for Latin American women and in the music industry by becoming the first to reach number one in the global chart on the streaming platform Spotify.

The singer broke records with her hit song “Envolver,” released in November 2021 as a preamble to her fifth studio album, “Versions of Me,” which will be released next April 12. This huge success has cemented the singer’s status as a global artist, surpassing 2.85 million plays per day and around 65 million plays in total since its release. 

Thanks to a social media challenge called #Envolverchallenge, the song gained new momentum and went viral worldwide, quickly climbing the number of plays on Spotify. The success of Anitta’s theme has been a symbol for Latinas who are gradually making a space for themselves and breaking paradigms in the music industry.

The music video for “Envolver” has also become a hit reaching more than 100 million plays, and has positioned itself among the world’s top music videos.

Anitta, whose real name is Larissa de Macedo Machado, was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and made a name for herself after the release of her first album in 2013, all in Portuguese, titled “Anitta.” One single that put her in the spotlight was “Meiga e Abusada.” In 2016, she ventured to sing in Spanish and English. This step would lead her to collaborate with Colombian singer J Balvin in the song “Ginza,” which would become a huge hit and make the Brazilian singer’s career take off internationally. 

Later, Anitta would also collaborate on two more big hits with Balvin: “Downtown” and “Machika,” which would earn her several nominations and awards. Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with great international artists such as Rita Ora, Tyga, and Cardi B.

Recently, the Brazilian singer has received two nominations for the Latin American Music Awards 2022 in the Favorite Video category for “Girl From Rio,” and is also nominated in the Favorite Social Artist category. The awards will be presented on April 21 at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas and broadcast on Telemundo. 
In addition to this, Anitta will also be part of the lineup at the Coachella music festival on April 16 and 23.