Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

Dogs are indeed a human’s best friend. From their loyalty to their goofy moments – a dog can change your life.

Not only that, though, did you know that dogs can actually help your mental health? Studies show that dogs increase a human’s serotonin and dopamine levels by interaction – yes, by simply petting the furry animal, playing, or talking with them. That’s the power of having a pet around. 

Additionally, it can even help those with hypertension. One study even found that “when people with borderline hypertension adopted dogs from a shelter, their blood pressure declined significantly within five months,” Help Guide reported. Other research shows how dogs can give the owner a sense of “reassurance” through the ability to take care of yourself and another being. So, it appears that having a dog is an all-around beneficial deed.

To bring some light and happiness to our (sometimes inevitable) social media routines, here are three dogs owned by Latino celebrities that will give you your daily dose of serotonin. 

Hey, you never know; maybe a dog is in your cards for future adoption!

Buda, Maluma’s European Doberman

The Colombian superstar Maluma’s dog is one to follow. Who doesn’t like seeing this European Doberman Red Rust? Maluma’s pet is named Buda and, as you can imagine, has quite a social media following. He has over 62 thousand followers. Yes, it does help that his owner is a megastar, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a good boy.

Gordo, the Aguilar family’s pug

Another famous Latino dog is this pug that’s owned by Mexican-American singer and actor Pepe Aguilar. The dog’s social media bio line reads: “The most famous dog on the internet.” You’ll instantly hit the follow button with a cute face like Gordo’s.

Diego Boneta’s dog

Boneta’s dog, Akila Cabrona, is also loved online – to the point that Diego receives fan art featuring himself and his pet. How’s that for loyal fans?

Who are your favorite Latino dogs online?