Three Latino Podcasts That Have Us Hooked
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

Nowadays, podcasts are a must in many people’s lives. In fact, statistics reveal that there are more than 1 million active podcasts and more than 30 million podcast episodes out there. With such an endless amount of podcast selections, it’s hard not to get curious to hear a few.

Whether you’re stuck in a long work commute or over-replaying the same songs – maybe it’s time to find your favorite show.

For those who are curious about them but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered.

From podcasts that dive into Latin’s underground music scene to Latin’s most infamous crime scenes, here are three of our favorite podcasts that have us hooked.


For music enthusiasts: Songmess is it. The podcast is self-described as: “a bilingual podcast serving the freshest Latin indie music with a side of mess,” – and I’m a testament to it! I’ve been following Songmess’ co-founder Richard Villegas’ work on this podcast since the start. Ever since I met Villegas, I knew he was changing the Latin music game – and he continues to do just that with this project. He gets into the nitty-gritty; deep inside the DIY music scenes of Latin countries that are often underrepresented in our mainstream. So, we encourage you to start here if you’re craving new Latin alternative music.

Se Regalan Dudas Podcast

For those curious about everything: let’s talk about Se Regalan Dudas, led by Mexican hosts Lety Sahagun and Ashley Frangie. They explore all sorts of topics such as dating, sex, lifestyle, wellness, imposter syndrome – the list goes on. Have doubts or questions about a particular subject? Chances are they’ve talked about it.

So Violento So Macabro Podcast

For crime enthusiasts: we recommend So Violento So Macabro. The podcast is self-described as: “a bilingual podcast dedicated to telling true crime stories.” It’s led by Dee and Aly. The podcast premiered a little over a year ago and has since delivered horrifying, true crime stories all over Latin America. So, if you’re a fan of podcasts like Crime Junkie, we recommend this one that focuses on Latin crime.

What are your favorite Latin podcasts?