3 Latinx Artists That Embrace Their Spooky Side
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

I don’t know about you, but Halloween is one of my favorite seasons! What’s not to love? There’s pumpkin-spiced everything on shelves and a gloomy environment perfect for reading spooky literature or listening to scary songs.

Have you thought of what your Halloween costume will be this year? If you need some inspiration, you’ve come to the right space. We love seeing celebrities get in sync with their horror side!

From behind-the-scenes photos of them in a horror film setting to some of the most memorable Halloween fits – here are three Latinx artists who love to show off their spooky side.

What can we say? We are ready for the Halloween festivities to commence!

Jenna Ortega

Many social media users categorize this young actress as a “Scream Queen” due to her roles in horror projects like Netflix’s You and the newest Scream movie. Heck, she will even star in the highly-anticipated Netflix series Wednesday. Above all, though, we love how she shows off her spooky side via Instagram behind-the-scenes posts from her highly-acclaimed movies!


Last year, the Dominican rapper dressed up as El Chupacabra! 

We love to see celebrities get creative – and actually scary – with their costumes! We can’t wait to see what she’ll dress up as this year. I mean, we know that she gets pretty provocative year-long with her outfits – so we’ll definitely keep an eye out!

Cardi B

We are so ready for the Halloween looks that will surely surprise us this year. One thing about Cardi B is that she is always festive – and goes big with costumes. One of our favorite Halloween looks from last year is her as Morticia Addams. She also dressed up with her daughter Kulture in witch-inspired looks. How adorable are they?

Who are your favorite Latinx artists that show off their spooky side?