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Missy Elliott, the famous American rapper, won the lawsuit against Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny for plagiarism over the use of a sample of her song “Get Your Freak On.”

In 2020, Bad Bunny released his album “YHLQMDLG,” which won the Grammy for Best Latin Pop or Urban Album. One of the biggest hits in the album is the song ‘Safaera,’ written and produced in collaboration with Puerto Rican reggaetoneros Jowell & Randy and Ñengo Flow.

‘Safaera’ has become one of the most successful songs in the artist’s career and has more than 329 million plays on YouTube. However, it has been the bone of contention after internet users pointed out the use of a track that can be heard from minute 2:15 and that it belongs to the song ‘Get your Freak On’ by rapper Missy Elliott. This caught the singer’s attention, who took legal action for the use of one of her greatest hits without her consent.

After a brief legal battle, Bad Bunny lost the lawsuit. He must now pay the famous rapper a percentage of the song ‘Safaera’ ‘s royalties.

Although the rate was not disclosed, the public had an idea after Missy took to Twitter to clarify the controversy fueled by statements made by Jowell.

Missy Elliot speaks out

At the beginning of March, in an interview on MoluscoTv, singer Jowell expressed his dissatisfaction with the lawsuit for “Safaera,” the small percentage he took and suggested that singer Missy Elliott was taking a big cut of the cake.

These comments quickly became viral, specifically on Twitter, after an Ariana Grande Fan account pointed out what this meant and the backlash it would bring from Missy Elliott.

The reguetonero Jowell replied to the Tweet trying to deflect attention from his comments in the interview saying, “let them be happy and talk about something else. Missy doesn’t even care.”

However, Missy did care.

Missy Elliott clarified on her Twitter account that rapper Jowell had misled people into thinking that she had taken 99% of the royalties and explained what the exact percentage that corresponded to her after winning the lawsuit was. In the end, Missy received only 25% — considering six more samples from other songs were used and 15 writers participated in the music.

After this, Jowell apologized to the singer and clarified that it had all been a misunderstanding lost in translation and the other writers also had their percentage, sending her love from Puerto Rico. For her part, Missy thanked him for clearing everything up.