Now in its 10th year, Hispanicize 2019 (#Hispz19) is the largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in digital content creation, journalism, marketing, entertainment and tech entrepreneurship. Hispanicize Los Angeles (now going on its fourth year) is the west coast, Hispanic Heritage Month counterpart to the national Hispanicize Miami conference, and is expected to gather more than 700 of the nation’s most influential Latinxprofessionals for two and a half days in Century City’s Intercontinental Hotel. This year’s Hispanicize LA “Hispanic Heritage” edition will celebrate the spirit of being Latino and serve as a forum for launching marketing and social media trends, mentoring Latinxand multicultural entrepreneurs and digital influencers, providing a platform for college-level tech students to gain real-world knowledge, empowering Latina women to take charge of their life and careers, and serve as a gathering place for top-level marketers to share best practices and help steer industry growth and diversity & inclusion.

General FAQ's

Who should attend Hispanicize 2018? Hispanicize attendees will include top national thought leaders and influencers from a variety of sectors including brand marketers, Latino and multicultural digital influencers and content creators, journalists, public relations, social media and advertising agencies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, filmmakers, celebrities and music artists.

How is Hispanicize 2018 different from previous Hispanicize events (2010-2017)? Over the last eight years, Hispanicize has continued to evolve to provide attendees with an immersive, creative and engaging experience.

What are the best days to attend the event? Hispanicize has been deliberately designed to have five solid, jam-packed days of programming.  At our event there is no such thing as a “weaker program” day so any day you want to come will be perfectly balanced with awesome programming and speakers that match the strength of every other days.

What if I only want to attend evening events? Only registered attendees with badges will have access to Hispanicize events – day and evening. In addition, access to events will vary depending on the event (i.e. sponsors, bloggers, media).

How can I attend exclusive invite-only brand events during Hispanicize? Registered attendees will have the opportunity to attend an array of exclusive events during Hispanicize. For influencer events, priority is given to DiMe Media network members. If you are a Latina or Latino content creator and want to have access to exclusive on-site events and brand opportunities, you can join the network here.

What should I pack for Hispanicize? What’s the dress code? There is no formal dress code, but we recommend that you dress so that you are comfortable and professional. This means that yes you can wear jeans, but you may want to dress them up with a nice blazer and accessories. For evening events, ladies may want to wear a simple dress with stylish footwear.


How much does it cost to attend Hispanicize LA 2018?
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Do I need to wear my badge? For security purposes, all Hispanicize Event attendees will be required to wear their registration badge at all times. Security is under strict orders to enforce this policy to protect our attendees and VIPs.

What do I do if I lose my badge? If you lose your badge, please visit the registration desk and show your photo ID to be issued a replacement badge.

What if I purchase an event badge but am unable to attend, Can I get a refund? We do not allow refund of badges. If you have purchased a badge but are unable to attend, you may request to transfer your pass if the request is made a minimum of 7 days before the event. For assistance transferring a pass, please email Francis@hmgmedia.co. Please note that Hispanicize Event does not issue refunds.


Where will Hispanicize LA 2018 be held? Hispanicize 2018 is being held in Century City’s Intercontinental Hotel.

Is there a special group hotel rate for Intercontinental Hotel? Click HERE to reserve a room.

Does the hotel provide shuttle service to/from Los Angeles International Airport? No, the hotel does not provide shuttle service. Transportation options include rental car, taxi, or shared ride services.

Please note the event will NOT offer parking validation.


Can I bring my children? Will childcare be available at the event venue? Children under 5 can attend for free, but older children will be required to pay a registration fee. You are welcome to bring your children to daytime activities, but on-site childcare will not be available. Please note that because evening, off-site events will include the serving of alcohol we cannot allow attendees to bring their children.

I am interested in attending but not sure if I can afford it. How can I find funding? Can you help me find a sponsor to cover all my expenses? Attending national professional development and networking events like Hispanicize are an investment in your continued growth as a small business owner and entrepreneur. If you are looking to secure funding to cover your registration and travel costs, we recommend that you leverage your existing relationships with brands and agencies to help identify potential sponsor partnerships.

What if a company that is not a sponsor invites me to an off-site brand event?
This practice is frowned upon in the industry, as it undermines those paying sponsors who have helped to make an event of this magnitude possible. We ask that our attendees please respect our sponsors, and attend only those events that are hosted by official event sponsors.

Can I distribute materials/product from a brand that I’m working with that is not an event sponsor?
No. Out of respect to our sponsors who have helped to make Hispanicize 2018 possible through their financial support, we ask that influencers please refrain from distributing or socially promoting non-sponsor products to attendees.

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If you are a Latina or Latino content creator and want to have access to exclusive on-site events and brand opportunities, you can join the network here.