5 Latinx Small Businesses To Support On Black Friday
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

The holidays are around the corner — and that includes Black Friday. What better gifts to give than those from Latinx small businesses? It’s all about supporting our community, ¿qué no? 

One of the advantages of modern technology is that we have all types of commerce at our fingertips. We don’t have to physically go to stores anymore, much less stay stuck to the same stores that mainstream malls push onto us. 

With the Internet, we can and should explore our taste and invest our money into our community’s dreams.

To highlight some of our wonderful creators, we’ve hand-selected five Latinx small businesses to shop on Black Friday.

Remember, we’re only about a month away from Christmas!

Vive Cosmetics

Vive is a “culture-conscious” beauty company by Latinas. It was formed in 2016. According to their founders, it was created to: “recognize the importance of not just Latinas, but of everyone who’s ever felt undervalued.” They sell lip colors, lip care, and brow accessories, among other goods. In light of Black Friday, they currently have a 20 to 40 percent off sale going on their entire website

Quiero Prints

Quiero Prints is for those who like to send holiday greeting cards! This brand celebrates our culture with stationery that’s inspired by Spanglish. They’re currently selling a holiday-themed mystery bundle that includes 10 bilingual cards at $14.99, which if you think about it is a good price! That’s less than two dollars each. 

Shocks of Love

This light aromatherapy spray was created by a Colombian! It’s one of my favorite scents to spray on right after showering. “Scent meets self-care meets skincare,” says its description, and it actually makes sense once you try it on. I’m currently using “woo-woo me,” which is categorized as one of the meditative scents. 

Ser Paraíso

For those who have friends (or if you’re the friend) that are in the depths of a self-love journey, this one is for you. This brand is all about healing. Their goods include intention card decks, sound meditation kits, affirmation decks, art, journals, candles, and more. Today we’re highlighting their Aura Affirmation Deck: Spanish Edition, which includes 53 cards that read inspiring quotes. 

Bomba Curls

Hear me out: these products smell so good and leave your hair looking bouncy, shiny, and healthy! Bomba Curls was founded by Lulu Cordero, an Afro-Dominicana, who changed the game. If you are looking for curly or wavy hair products, this one’s for you – you won’t regret it!