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There is nothing like the hot summer days to re-energize you. You wake up happy every day to feel the warmth and spend most of your days making plans to enjoy the great outdoors. 

After all, summer is only here for a limited amount of time, and you can only reap the benefits of the sun’s Vitamin D for so long. 

With the increasing temperatures, your attention is redirected to wearing lighter clothing, and your interest in your body image is renewed. After all, lighter clothing means showing more skin. 

One look at your social media and you find posts about achieving that perfect “hot girl summer,” and countless fashion hauls with tiny, cheeky bikinis to wear for the next couple of months.

As a Latina influencer, it is easy to go down a rabbit hole trying to find trending content that will keep your audience engaged. Beauty content offering advice seems to be everywhere! 

But, at what point do you realize these posts can become toxic and affect your self-esteem? 

You probably feel the pressure of posting content getting millions of views, for this is your primary source of income. However, you must stop and think about how much this content can affect your self-esteem

Sadly, toxic beauty advice online is damaging young people’s self-esteem and confidence. 1 in 2 girls has stated that advice they have gotten from their social media has lowered their self-esteem. 

Although this is your job, this does not mean you need to feed this trend. It also does not mean you cannot be affected by what you see others posting online.

The Dove Self-Esteem Project provides valuable tools and resources that help you identify toxic advice on social media and identify the behaviors that will empower you to stray from this new norm. 

Here is how you can use these tools to #DetoxYourFeed. 

Go On An Unfollow Frenzy 

You may want to be aware of all trending content, audios, and hashtags on social media nearly every day. This leads you down a road where your feed becomes flooded with pages that inevitably make you feel bad. 

Try muting or unfollowing these pages and notice your overall mood change. You will feel energized, and ready to slay and keep moving forward, creating content that feels true to you. 

Watching that one influencer with more than ten million followers can harm your self-esteem. Remember, you cannot compare yourself to everyone online. 

Just as you spend hours editing your content, so does everyone else. 

Find Accounts That Make You Happy 

As an influencer, it can be challenging to separate your work life from your personal life online. You juggle multiple pages, so eventually, you only see things related to your professional content. 

Take this as a sign to follow accounts that bring you joy. Love dogs? Then start following pupfluencers! Make it a point for your explore page to be filled with dogs’ snouts and whiskers. 

Post Fulfilling Content 

While you may feel inclined only to post popular trends, post content that makes you feel fulfilled. Be unique. Stay true to yourself. 

Do whatever you want without fear. Go on Instagram live and make colorful slime by all means. 

Your audience will appreciate your authenticity, a fundamental step toward success. 

Get rid of all the toxicity on social media and notice everything else fall into place!