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Believe it or not, mental health is still a taboo in our society – especially in our Latino community. Although the media, activists, organizations, and even technologies have done a lot to make issues like depression more visible and normalized, there is still a long way to go.

This May, Hispanicize wants to talk all about mental health — and what better way to start than through our digital appendage, the smartphone?

Check out these three apps to take care of your mental health that you should have on your phone.

The popularity of mental health apps 

Things are changing, and the visibility of this issue has helped to slowly normalize it. One reflection of these changes has been the rise in mental health apps, especially after the pandemic began. Studies show that the search for relaxation apps increased by 437% during confinement.

Apps are a handy tool that can provide more accessible and comfortable solutions – just remember an app is not suited for diagnosis. Always consult a professional! 


The most popular of all, Moodfit is considered by many to be the ‘fitness’ app for the mind. It is a free app that allows you to keep a daily record of your emotions and mood swings while helping you deal with the negative aspects with small exercises that encourage positive changes.

The purpose of keeping this record is to see your progress and identify the things that trigger those negative thoughts. Think of it as a way to get mentally fit. If you are attending therapy and have a treatment, Moodfit can help you keep track of your symptoms and identify what strategies help you improve them.


Although it’s a paid app, it’s worth it. MoodMission works based on completing ‘missions’ that will help you improve mental skills and mood. One of the biggest advantages of MoodMission is that the app designs these activities based on how you feel at the moment.

These missions cover various aspects such as small meditation exercises, physical activities, and more.


Shine is one of our fav apps! Although you pay a monthly fee, it focuses on helping BIPOC folks with mental health issues specific to our communities and creating a network with other users.

Through motivational text and audio messages, meditation guides, gratitude journals, mood records, and challenges to complete, Shine has a wealth of information and visual content that will help you in every moment, no matter what mood you’re in.