Out-of-The-Norm Food Ideas For Thanksgiving
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

What kind of food do you think of when you hear the word: Thanksgiving? Turkey and ham? Those are the basics. Do you think of mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese? We do too.

But what about switching up the food menu this year? What about creating new plates that aren’t the traditional go-to’s? Besides this holiday being based on a mythical “friendly” dinner, it’s fair to say that we owe it to ourselves to recreate the date and make it our own. 

Here’s my proposal: revamp your Thanksgiving this year. Start by creating (or buying) these out-of-norm food ideas for your dinner. Don’t know where to start? We’re full of ideas.

Add veggies to your plate

I don’t know about you, but in my Latino family, we are notorious for all meats and carbs on our dinner plate. It’s almost as if we forget all about vegetables for the day. Based on this, it’s no wonder we need a nap right after dinner, which defeats the purpose of hanging out with our loved ones. So, this year, how about adding some much-needed veggies – other than those mashed potatoes? Think of an easy sauteed steamed vegetable medley (literally, you can find these in Costco if you’re not into chopping and choosing the vegetables yourself), or if you’re into garlic, why not add garlic butter to the mix?

More appetizers, fewer side dishes

One of my favorite appetizers is bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers. Why not replace side dishes with simple appetizers like these? They’re easy to make and take off the stress of creating another side dish only some family members are into. If I were you, I’d create two of the family’s favorite appetizers with the main course (no, it doesn’t have to be a turkey!) and a side dish. Sometimes simplicity is better. Whatsmore is that these apps can go well with your loved one’s favorite card games.

More mocktails, less alcohol

Instead of wine this year, what if we tried a mocktail? Hear me out: I’m not calling for an alcohol-free dinner. All I’m saying is this could be a treat for those who don’t want to drink or need to drive home after dinner. It’s usually wine, beer, or soda for us. So I think this creates a bridge of something that’s not a sugar fest like soda, but also not alcoholic so I can drive home whenever family starts asking about grandkids.

I hope these ideas sparked curiosity for your upcoming dinner! What are out-of-the-norm food dishes you’re thinking of making this Thanksgiving?