Last-Minute Gifts You Can Find Anywhere
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

Have you already realized that Christmas is in five days? Even if it feels as if Thanksgiving was just yesterday, the reality is that December has been rushing by. 

With all the chaos that comes with December, holiday nostalgia, and busy work schedules, you may not have realized that time was slipping by to do your holiday shopping. 

Now you are scrambling to figure out what to buy your loved ones. At this point, it’s too late to buy things online, and the malls are packed with hundreds of people. 

Does this mean you have to deal with the embarrassment of showing up on Christmas with a gift card and a random Christmas greeting card from the dollar store? Not exactly. 

There is still time to find thoughtful, last-minute gifts in just about any general merchandise retailer. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


Wine is probably one of the most popular gifts out there. Whereas some might think it screams, “I waited until the last minute,” I believe there’s more to it. Wine is a thoughtful gift because you really have to think about the person you are buying it for to choose the perfect bottle. With so many types of wine – red or white, fruity or bitter — many people stand in the wine aisle reading the ingredient list on countless bottles, looking for the perfect blend for their loved one. You really can find wine anywhere, too. Stores like supermarkets, liquor stores, convenience stores, and even drugstores have aisles and aisles of wine. 

Travel Items

We all have that one person in our lives that loves to travel or has to go on hundreds of business trips throughout the year. Travel items are the gifts that keep on giving to the frequent traveler. Your options are limitless, from TSA-approved bags for liquids, travel-sized items, cosmetic pouches, passport holders, and even earbuds. You can find a wide array of travel essentials in just about any store like Target or Walmart. 


For the friend or prima with a green thumb, you can’t go wrong with getting them a plant. Plants are great gifts because they inspire peace and tranquility and show your loved one that you find them nurturing. 

You’d be surprised how many places sell plants and flowers beside a plant nursery. You can find beautiful greenery and flowers anywhere from drugstores, home improvement stores, and even hardware stores. 

The Gift of Self-Care 

We all know adulting is hard. From juggling 40+ hours a week schedules, parenthood, and the constant struggle to achieve the perfect work-life balance, we need all the relaxation we can get. Why not then give your loved one the gift of self-care? Consider treating them to a spa day where they can get a facial or massage. 

If you want to make it more personal, buy a basket and fill it with items such as face masks, candles, books, fuzzy socks – anything that will allow them to pamper themselves and help them relax. These are all items you can also find at any store, so don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to go to multiple places to gather the items. 

Subscription Boxes 

If you really have no time to get to a store, subscription boxes are a great gift that can be suited to various tastes. Have a dog parent in your life that would do anything for their furry friend? Purchase a BarkBox subscription with two toys, two treats, and one chew every month. Makeup lover? Try Boxycharm, a makeup subscription service in which clients receive a curated box with five full-size makeup and skincare products a month. Not sure what else is out there? Browse this website that provides a comprehensive list of available subscription boxes.

Don’t wait any longer. Start today so you can enjoy the remainder of the holidays!