Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

With 2023 around the corner, it’s only natural to look for makeover inspiration. I mean, what’s better than already being in a thriving state of mind before the Times Square Ball Drop? I know I’m ready to level up.

In the mood for an extreme makeover? We are too!

Let’s talk about how we can do a complete 180-turn — from our physical appearance to our inner healing — to make sure we end the year right. 

From fashion inspiration to healing your inner child, here are three Latino influencers who will inspire you. Why? Because it’s time to focus on our future and live the life we’ve always dreamed of, y sin miedo!

Lailany Sota

Let’s start with fashion, shall we? This Mexican fashionista will inspire your attire choices. Like many influencers, she’s popular due to her posts surrounding fashion and lifestyle. 

However, Sota also shares wardrobe tips with her followers, which will help inspire your next wardrobe makeover. 

Part of her video content involves sharing outfit ideas based on specific situations. Going to University? She’s got you covered. Need outfit ideas for a rainy day? She also has tips for that! Her posts will help you elevate the fashion aspect of your upcoming extreme makeover.

Vianey Guerrero

When we think about extreme makeovers, we often think of the outside. But the inside matters just as much — from your mental health to what products you use (the latter specifically being if you’re interested in a clean living lifestyle). 

Enter Vianey Guerrero, a Latina holistic health coach that focuses on healing and “low-tox living.” 

Vianey’s social media spans “outfit of the day” videos and shopping hauls, but they also hit the holistic healing points for those interested in a soul makeover. She posts content that promotes healing methods like meditation and journaling, as well as talks about “clean” non-toxic alternative products like this perfume, and dry shampoo, to name a couple.

Kim Guerra

Let’s talk more about a mental health makeover. Latina social media user, Kim Guerra, posts all about self-love and encouragement. Not only will she inspire your inner wellness journey with her motivational posts, but she is also a lifestyle couch. Guerra focuses on child healing, intergenerational trauma, and committing to yourself — so if that sounds like the extreme makeover inspo you need, she’s definitely one to check out!