Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

Cleaning the house is a ritual, especially for Latinos. We grew up with our mom’s early routines, the belief cleaning your house will somehow improve your spiritual being, and that you shouldn’t trust someone whose house is a mess. 

While sometimes cleaning your home might not be an easy task, what better way to prepare the environment for a good cleaning than with the best songs of our favorite Latin artists?

We could talk about thousands of songs to listen to while cleaning, but these five are among the most popular. We all know the lyrics of these songs, which have been anthems in Latin America and the world.

So grab your broom and start enjoying it!

Vivir mi Vida – Marc Anthony

Who hasn’t danced and sung this song, is lying. This is the most popular song of the famous singer, with more than 420 million plays on Spotify. This song won the Puerto Rican salsa singer awards and nominations to the Latin Grammy Awards, the Billboard Latin Music Awards, and the Lo Nuestro Awards.

‘Vivir Mi Vida’ was released in 2013, and after all these years, this song still awakens something in us that makes us want to dance and celebrate instantly.

La Camisa Negra – Juanes

One of the most popular songs by Colombian singer-songwriter Juanes, ‘La Camisa Negra’ was one of the biggest hits of 2004 and was nominated for the Billboard Latin Music Awards for best song of the year.

La Camisa Negra is the song for all occasions, but we can’t deny that singing it while cleaning makes it all the more joyful.

Salome – Chayanne

A cleaning day for Latinos without a Chayanne song is incomplete. The Puerto Rican singer has a long list of hits, and we love them all!

Still, today we will talk about ‘Salomé.’

The song was released in 1998 on his album ‘Atado a Tu Amor’ and twenty-four years later it is still one of the most listened to songs, its danceable and tropical rhythm makes it impossible to leave your feet still when you listen to it.

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom – Selena

Selena is the queen of dance songs to clean house, and Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Bom is the best of them all. The song is part of her album ‘Amor Prohibido,’ which would be the last one released by the singer before her tragic death.

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Bom is among her most popular and important songs, and regardless of the passing of the years, it continues to be present in Latin culture. 

La Negra Tiene Tumbao – Celia Cruz

Another one we could not overlook is Celia Cruz, ‘The Queen of Salsa’. She made history and catapulted herself as one of the most important singers in Latin America throughout her career. ‘La Negra Tiene Tumbao’ was released in 2011 and had several Latin Grammy nominations.

This song is the perfect fusion of the unique flavor of salsa and the rhythm of reggaeton.

(Extra) Suavemente – Elvis Crespo

And as a bonus, we bring this gem by Puerto Rican merengue singer Elvis Crespo, ‘Suavemente’ is undoubtedly his most famous song and has over 200 million plays on Spotify. On a cleaning day, you can not miss the taste of a danceable merengue, and this is the best choice.