Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

Last week, the whole world added stickers to their IG stories celebrating Earth Day. Meanwhile, billionaires turn a deaf ear to the urgent calls of scientists. However, there are those who continue to fight the battle with boots on the ground — Latino organizations, for example.

We Latinos are people who enjoy nature and being outdoors, connecting with mother earth. In fact, our community has been the most engaged in outdoor activities, and studies show that this rate is growing annually at about 6 percent, compared to previous years. 

Furthermore, Latinos are really concerned about climate change. According to a survey conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California, more than 70 percent of Latinos said this was a serious issue.

And no wonder, considering how much of our community is exposed to much more polluted areas. In addition to our deep connection to nature, climate change means more natural disasters and breathing problems for Latinos.

That is why we celebrate the work of these four Latino organizations, which are fighting to change this reality, educating entire communities, and contributing to green development.

Green Latinos

Green Latinos is a non-profit organization founded by Mark Magaña, the first Latino to serve as a senior White House staffer. Green Latinos is a network of Latino leaders nationwide that seeks to create networks among Latino communities through collaborative programs and partnerships that help maintain and promote the conservation of natural resources. You can check out all Green Latinos’ work, projects, and upcoming events here.

Mujeres De La Tierra

Mujeres De La Tierra (Women of the Earth) is a non-profit organization whose mission and primary focus is the well-being of La Madre Tierra (Mother Earth). Mujeres De La Tierra strives to help educate about the negative impact of society on the environment and the most vulnerable communities, especially immigrant Latinos, through a series of projects that seek to empower families and create a network of leaders who act for collective change. Learn more about Mujeres De La Tierra here.


Poder is an organization whose mission is to help Latino immigrant youth and families shape and empower their communities with local, environmentally conscious solutions. For PODER, it all starts in our own community, and educating ourselves on conserving and maintaining the land and natural resources is the first step. Read more about PODER’s programs and mission on their website.

Corazón Latino

This organization seeks to bring well-being to communities and raise awareness among youth in order to achieve the common good. Through information and education campaigns, Corazón Latino seeks to engage and involve people to empower Latino communities to take action on critical social issues such as climate change, conservation of natural and cultural resources, health, and social justice. Learn more about Corazón Latino’s programs on their website.