Photo Courtesy of Hispanicize

(Me Llamo) Sebastián, a referent of the LGBTQ+ community and one of the most original pop voices in Chile and the rest of Latin America, has perfectly blended his unique style full of sensitivity and vulnerability with the rhythm of folklore.

Sebastián Andrés Sotomayor Sepúlveda, better known as (Me Llamo) Sebastián, was born in Santiago de Chile, Chile, and is a composer, singer, writer, illustrator, and digital performer. His love for music began when he was a child. He studied at Luis Jara‘s music academy and obtained a degree in music, always encouraged by his father, who wanted to see him shine and become a star.

After participating in a talent show and rejecting auditions, Sebastian Sotomayor began to consider his goal as a musician and what he could bring to the world. That’s when (Me Llamo) Sebastian was born. In 2010 he released his first album titled “Salvador.”

The emancipation of (Me Llamo) Sebastian

This rebirth leads him to experiment with new things and express his identity through music, to give it a purpose beyond “sounding good.” Sebastián found his own rhythm fusing pop and folk sounds, accompanied by his piano, guitar, and the vocal prowess that characterizes him so much. This skill is also evident when Sebastián writes his songs, which can be considered an autobiography.

La Belleza,” his fourth studio album, is one of his most intimate works where (Me Llamo) Sebastián expresses through raw lyrics life as an openly gay person, his insecurities, and his experiences with discrimination.

Music has always been an outlet for many, and Sebastian is no exception. Throughout his musical career, he has made it clear that he has a purpose in life: to try to connect with others through emotions, pouring all his personality and ideas into his music. This led him to succeed in Latin America, performing on stages in Europe and the United States and appearing on the soundtracks of several Chilean and Mexican films.

Sebastian is an artist who has left his personal awakening embodied in his work, and his interest in bringing the realities of the LGBTQ+ community to the ears of all is one of his most outstanding achievements. Sebastian has spoken on many occasions about his support for minorities and considers himself a feminist, using his social media as a platform to shed light on all these issues.