Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

Mexico is home to many essential legacies for Latino culture, and music is undoubtedly one of them. The regional Mexican style of music and cumbia are characteristic of this country, and Raymix is the singer who came to bring diversity to it.

Born in San Jose del Vidrio, Mexico, Edmundo Gomez Moreno, better known by his stage name ‘Raymix,’ is an aeronautical engineer, composer, and singer of electrocumbia, regional Mexican, and trance.

Raymix was influenced by music from a very young age, and thanks to his father, he learned to play the keyboard, which would awaken his love for music. Raymix would learn to play other instruments such as drums, guitar, and organ in a church until he started experimenting with different sounds on his computer with a MIDI controller. 

Besides his love for music and composing his own tunes in his spare time, Raymix, whose name was born from the word ‘ray’ and ‘mix,’ also had other ambitions and was studying Aeronautical Engineering in Mexico City. In 2013 Raymix would become part of NASA doing an educational internship on a  satellite development project. He experimented the most with music during this same time and searched for new sounds through electronics.

In 2014, he released ‘Oye Mujer,’ this would be Raymix’s first hit, becoming popular in Mexico and the United States. At that moment, Raymix managed to sign with Universal Music Latin Entertainment and started working on his debut album, also called ‘Oye Mujer.’ This album went platinum in Mexico and was positioned at the top of the tropical music charts in Latin America.

Such was Raymix’s success that Colombian singer Juanes participated in a remix of his debut song ‘Oye Mujer‘ in 2018, which remained for 11 consecutive weeks at the top of the billboard tropical songs chart in the United States.

Raymix’s experimental sounds seek to mix electronic music such as house and trance with cumbia. This way, ‘electrocumbia’ was born. This innovation earned him the nickname ‘El Rey de la Electrocumbia’ in Latin America. 

Raymix and the power of freedom

Although the singer kept his personal life away from the public eye, on June 5, 2020, he made an official statement through his networks in which he made public his homosexuality, adding that he felt freer than ever. This was quite a bold step by the singer, who is part of a rather macho-dominated industry, as is the cumbia or regional Mexican music genre, in which topics such as homosexuality are not expected.

Raymix’s courage gave him the power to be free and express through his music his true self, and so he did by releasing the single ‘Llámame‘ in which he talked about his first breakup when he was very young.