Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

As the holiday season makes its way into our agendas, many of us take a moment to think about 2022. What did this year bring to us, and what did it show us? What are we grateful for?

In this process, we make plans to gather with loved ones or take more time out of our daily lives to check on our well-being. Whatever your preference, it’s always good to step back and take in the ups and downs that another year of life brought to us. After all, we’re blessed to be alive and, hopefully, both mentally and physically healthy.

So, before looking forward to 2023, let’s talk about three things to be grateful for.

New experiences with friends

Denis Waitley used to say, “A good life is a collection of happy moments.” It’s an excellent quote to think about as we reminisce about our past months. Think about the highly-anticipated concert or the challenging hike you did with your friend. Regardless of what it may be, there must’ve been a moment in 2022 when you felt free and at ease. Absolute bliss. Those collections of happy moments are one thing to be grateful for.

Getting through the hardships

Luckily, you got through the worst days this year. Personally, I had more than I ever thought imaginable, but I held up my head high, knowing that I got through them. If you’re getting through dark days, just know that you can get past bad days – you just have to trust the process. What are ways to make your day brighter? Harvard Business Review suggests gratitude, changing your routine, or re-evaluating your expectations.

Being alive 

Being grateful for being alive is commonly looked at as cliché – but it’s not. You’re alive, and that’s the first thing you should be thankful for when you open your eyes in the morning. Many use this as a meditation or prayer, but it doesn’t have to be. All that matters is that you’re in sync and aware of your presence. 

What are the reasons you’re personally grateful for?