Tasty & Traditional Latin Pastries For The Holidays
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

December is all about good food and hanging out with your loved ones. Think of what makes the holidays so unique, and chances are you’ll think of a favorite dish. Does that ring a bell to you?

That’s because baking or cooking for your loved one can be one of the most intimate ways to show your love for one another. Why? Simply because it’s made with the important ingredient of all: love.

For those interested in baking — or buying baked goods for the holidays (we don’t judge!) — Here are three tasty and traditional Latin pastries that are sure to be a hit with your besties.

Natilla (Colombia)

This was actually a surprise to me. Last year, I made this Colombian treat, and it was a shocking process. 

After stirring the ingredients for what felt like hours, it eventually turned into a thick consistency. It reminded me of a thicker flan and quickly became one of my favorite holiday treats. Are you interested in baking it? It’s totally doable!

Arroz con Leche (Through Latin America)

Though Natilla was a new experience to me, rice pudding has always been a dessert staple in my Mexican family. It’s also very easy to make! 

You can eat it hot or cold, and it consists of minimal ingredients. You just need milk, evaporated and/or condensed milk (these are optional, I only do it with milk!), cinnamon, and white rice. Many people add raisins. Here’s a recipe you can look into – but just know, it can surely be done with different milk substitutions.

Plátanos Maduros (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Caribbean regions)

Are you into deep-fried plantains? This one is easy to make, too – you just have to deep-fry the plantains in oil. Sounds appetizing to you? Here’s a recipe to consider.

What are your favorite traditional Latin pastries this season?