Wendy Carrillo

California Assemblymember, Wendy Carrillo, has always been an advocate for educational opportunity, access to quality healthcare, living wage jobs, and social justice. As a Latino woman in office, Wendy continues to inspire others in our community and fight for those issues that affect our society on a daily basis. She is a much-needed voice during a time of uncertainty for women, minorities, refugees and immigrants in the U.S.

An award-winning journalist, Wendy had a distinguished career as a radio and digital host, writer and producer. For 10 years, she was host and executive producer of “Knowledge is Power,” a community-based radio program on Los Angeles Power 106 FM, where topics ranging from access to higher education and ending the school-to-prison pipeline to environmental justice and political transparency were discussed with elected officials, community leaders and stakeholders.

Wendy previously served as part of the communications team that supported organizing efforts for long term care workers at SEIU ULTCW. Her work included fighting for fair wages for caregivers who provide seniors and people with disabilities the dignity to stay in their homes, as well as better working conditions and staffing ratios for nursing home workers. During her tenure at SEIU ULTCW, Wendy had the privilege of working at the local and state levels on behalf of caregivers for healthcare for all, wage increases, immigration reform and protecting families during the foreclosure crisis.

Wendy came to this country as an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador when she was a young child. Her parents taught her to work hard and to be committed to the community that helped raise her. She became a U.S. citizen in her early 20s.