Ambar Lucid, queen, Dominican, Latinx artist, Mexican
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

If you’re into dreamy, synth-pop bilingual richness, you’ll love Ambar Lucid’s world. The queer Dominican and Mexican-American artist’s music takes you into a trance of synths, indie pop, and alternative that will keep you hooked from the start.

Already known for her popular singles “A letter to my younger self” and “Fantasmas” (the latter title featured in Netflix’s hit series “Elite”), Ambar Lucid recently released two singles, “444” and “Ms. Moon” that shows us a new era of her sonic journey. 

With “444,” she delivers an uptempo beat with flirty, sensual lyrics in an all-Spanish-language track. She details that the song’s about the first stages of a relationship: “[It’s about] being in that space where you both haven’t talked about your feelings to each other yet, and you feel it’s there, but you can’t be totally sure due to lack of clarity,” she said in a press release.

On the other hand, “Ms. Moon” gives us her signature ethereal vibes, coated in a dream state of bedroom indie pop. In this track, she showcases her hallowing vocal range on top of a mesmerizing mellow beat. “The moon is the feminine energy, the ‘mother,’ and I actually call her Ms. Moon because of that, which is what inspired the title,” she expressed in a written press statement. “So, this song is basically about me looking up at the moon and being like, ‘I need you, please give me some words of encouragement and love,’ and then sharing that nurturing, comforting energy with those around me.”

With these two new songs, Lucid is concluding her 2022. She’s currently recording an album that she’s expected to release in 2023 – and we can’t wait to listen to it.

“These songs are both so special to me,” Ambar Lucid wrote in an Instagram post. “And I’m so happy they’re finally out in the world.”