Nathy Peluso
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

Argentinian artists are a force to reckon with. Their latest testament is the powerhouse Nathy Peluso, who is on the brink of global stardom. On September 7, it was revealed that the genre-bending singer-songwriter signed to WME, a major entertainment agency representing the world’s greatest artists. Now Peluso can say she’s part of it.

Her success has only sky-rocketed since she debuted her album “Calambre” in 2020 — a mesh of hip hop, salsa, and R&B. 

Following that enchanting release, Nathy Peluso won the Latin GRAMMYs Award for “Best Alternative Album” and was nominated for her first GRAMMY Award under the category “Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album.” 

How’s that for your first project?

Simply by scrolling down her social media feed, you see the empowerment that Peluso evokes through her eccentric and captivating live performances. It’s not all about her voice and music, though. 

This Latina artist is unique because she brings a new and creative element to her performances. In fact, Nathy Peluso is actually specialized in Pedagogy of Visual Arts and Dance at the King Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain, and brings those dance elements on stage.

Moreover, just two years after her debut album’s release, she performed at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival – where she brought her powerful stage presence to the U.S.

“I absolutely love performing live and visiting the world with my music, is such an enormous privilege,” Peluso said in a written statement about the WME signing. “I’m very happy to be represented by a team of strong women that believe in me and support me. I feel we will achieve great things together.”

What’s next for the multi-faceted artist? With this new leverage, it seems like the world’s her oyster. We can’t wait to see what her sophomore album will sound like!

Watch her cover of Camilo Sesto’s classic “VIVIR ASÍ ES MORIR DE AMOR” below.