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Growing up, my mom would clean while listening to all of these incredible, distinctive voices. As I grew older, I started to understand more about what these prominent women were singing their hearts out to. And all I gotta say is: who hurt them?!

To celebrate what will eventually be our señora era, let’s take a look at three of the most dramatic señora songs with even more dramatic lyrics. 

“Así No Te Amará Jamás” – Amanda Miguel

Amanda Miguel is undoubtedly one of the Latina pioneers in heartbreak. Her vocals and distinguished raspy voice will have you asking yourself, ‘is she ok?!’  From her 1981 classic “Él Me Mintió” to the epic “Así No Te Amará Jamás,” it’s hard to choose the best dramatic lines from each song. They’re just that iconic. 

Lets talk about ““Así No Te Amará Jamás,” though. It’s about her trying to overcome the fact that her ex-lover moved on. After saying how she should maybe resign herself — and not beg the man anymore — she finally sings: “No se quien de los dos está perdiendo más / No se si te das cuenta con la estupida que estás / Yo se que no podrá quererte como yo / Asi no te amará jamás.”

The translation of this?

“I don’t know which of us is losing more / I don’t know if you realize with the stupid girl you’re with / I know she can’t love you as me / She’ll never love you the same way again.”

She’s obviously hurt.

“Sin Él” – Marisela

The 1980s must’ve been rough. This song came out in 1984 and was actually written by Marco Antonio Solis. The song describes a regretful separation and how the person can’t shake off the sadness to the point she doesn’t want to live anymore.

Let’s take a look into this song’s most dramatic lyrics: “No quiero esta vida, no sé qué hacer / Sin él no la puedo entender / Hoy sé que lo amo, pero se fue / Lo dejé partir, y hoy no sé vivir sin él.”

The translation of this?

“I don’t want this life, I don’t know what to do / Without him I can’t understand it / Today I know I love him, but he’s gone / I let him go, and today I don’t know how to live without him.”

Now, we understand that a loved one’s death could be described as this, but if she’s talking about a relationship — girl, you can totally live without them.

“Rata de Dos Patas” – Paquita La Del Barrio

“Rata de Dos Patas” is such an emblematic song. It talks about being vengeful after a breakup. Paquita was able to put in words what some people feel after a harsh separation. Let’s just say that since its release in 2004, the insult game has changed!

Yes, the chorus is memorable, but the opening verse is captivating. Paquita sings: “Rata inmunda / Animal rastrero / Escoria de la vida / Adefesio mal hecho / Infrahumano / Espectro del infierno / Maldita sabandija / Cuánto daño me has hecho.

The translation of this?

“Filthy rat / Crawling animal / Scum of life / Poorly made defilement / Infrahuman / Wretch from hell / Damned maggot / How much damage you have done to me.”

I don’t know about you, but I would never want this song dedicated to me!
What are your favorite señora songs that have the most dramatic lyrics?