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We’ve already highlighted a handful of both influential and emerging artists that are undeniably shaking the rap game. From anticipating Villano Antillano’s upcoming album to profiling the music by RaiNao, and paopao — we’re on the pulse of an incredible new wave of unapologetic rappers in the Latin music industry.

But there’s always more to discover.

And as a Latina who is always supporting our music community, let me dive into more rap music. 

Here are three diverse, emerging, influential Latin rappers who have cemented themselves in their respective countries and are also on the brink of showcasing their unique talent to mainstream spaces.

Mabiland (Colombia)

Mabiland is influential simply because of everything she is, and by letting others know it’s okay to be our authentic selves. She’s a black, queer woman who is one of the few artists that is openly lesbian in the Latin American music industry. What’s incredibly admirable about her is that there’s no sugarcoating when it comes to expressing herself. In a recent interview, she said: “Many say, ‘oh we’re human,’ that’s bullsh*t. I know that I’m looked at because of my skin. If I were a white mestiza, I would have already been in other places [in my career]. But I am not, and I assume who I am, fruitfully.” 

What’s more inspiring than an artist that will tell you how it is – and has the strength to push through and keep thriving in their career?

Santa Fe Klan (Mexico)

Santa Fe Klan’s been in the underground Mexican rap scene since 2017. Since then, he’s been authentically gaining fans and being influential by also being himself. “I began doing hip-hop in the barrio between the age of 12 and 13. My barrio taught me what hip-hop and rap music is. That’s when I began writing my own music,” he told Billboard. “As a teenager who recorded his own music, filmed his own music videos, and did his own marketing, having millions of views on a song was a big deal for me. I didn’t have anything. All I had was YouTube and SoundCloud.”

Now, he’s still keeping his essence, working with global artists like Steve Aoki and even having his music featured on blockbuster movies such as the upcoming “Black Panther” soundtrack. 

How’s that for growth?

Cazzu (Argentina)

Cazzu was dubbed as one of the most influential female rappers from Argentina since her start in 2017. She was considered one of the few female singers/rappers who put her unapologetic verses on the map – precisely because she was part of the male-dominated trap genre. This led to being nominated for Best New Artist at the Latin Grammys in 2020. Now, Cazzu is growing, crossing over to mainstream spaces like being part of a broadcasted performance in this year’s Premios Juventud. In this performance, she showed more of her musical capabilities – and we can’t wait to see what other genres she experiments with next. 

Who are your current favorite Latin rappers?