Five Latin Albums To Be Released in 2023
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

2022 gave us many great albums. From Bad Bunny’s epic Un Verano Sin Ti to Daddy Yankee’s retirement album Legendaddy, we were undeniably treated to top-tier music this year.

Looking forward to 2023, what can we expect? Off the top of our heads, we’re still highly-anticipating long overdue albums. Remember when Kali Uchis said she had two albums ready for us? We’re still waiting, queen.

But that’s not the only artist who has already mentioned new music in the works.

Besides Uchis, four more artists are set to release albums next year — and we can’t wait! 

Kali Uchis

Back in April, Uchis said she was already done with her third and fourth albums. One is in English, the other in Spanish. Though she has yet to release either, we’re more than ready to hear what will follow her latest single, “NO HAY LEY.”

Karol G

Karol G stayed busy with her $trip Love tour during 2022. Pero, this doesn’t mean she didn’t bless us with new music throughout the process. We heard her newest bangers, “PROVENZA” and “CAIRO,” pero what’s next? While we don’t have an album release date yet, her longtime collaborator Ovy On The Drums said it’s “one of the best things” he’s worked on. 

Paloma Mami

Paloma Mami is back! Earlier this month, she released her newest single, “Síntomas de Soltera.” Could it be that a new album will be out in 2023? We hope so! We don’t have an album release date yet, but we know that she’s already working on new music. “The way I’ve approached my music right now is very different from 2 years ago. I’m experimenting a bit with this new album, with the lyrics and the flows, but it still feels very me and very Mami,” she said in a written statement.

Silvana Estrada

Estrada blew people’s minds away with her album “Marchita.” She impressed the music industry so much that she even won the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist. But she’s more than ready for her music’s next chapter. On Twitter, she wrote: “2023 is loaded with new music, and I am very excited to be able to reach you in so many corners of the world.”


For those who missed out on the incredible announcement: RBD is back! We don’t officially know if it’s a tour or album (hopefully both!), but five of the six original members are teasing a new website that counts down to January 19. Could it be that they’ll release new music in 2023? One can dream!