Latinas in the Music Industry Hispanicize
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize.

We all know how the music industry is constantly evolving, influenced by new sounds, people, and stories. But if there’s a culture that has influenced almost all genres in music, it is the Latino culture – especially Latinas.

Throughout history, the contribution and impact of Latina artists in the music industry have been undeniable. From dancers and singers to producers, songwriters, and composers, Latinas have helped shape many of the sounds and trends we know today. 

Nowadays, hundreds of Latinas continue to delight us with their beautiful work, and these five women prove that, when it comes to music, Latinas are an unstoppable force.

Mon Laferte

The Chilean singer-songwriter, musician, composer, and visual artist rose to fame with her album ‘Desechable‘ (2011). After overcoming thyroid cancer, she turned her life around by changing her stage name to Mon Laferte. Her music is a perfect blend of indie pop, boleros, and alternative rock. She is currently the Chilean artist with the most nominations in an edition of the Latin Grammy Awards (5 nominations in 2015) and the artist with the highest digital sales.


A native of the Dominican Republic, Tokischa is a singer who has gained the attention of many with her daring rhythms and controversial lyrics. At only 25, Tokischa has established herself as a female reference of the urban genre in Latin America. Since she debuted in the music world with her single ‘Pícala.’ she has collaborated with many influential artists such as Rosalía and JBalvin.

Beyond her provocative and explicit videos, Tokischa is an example of empowerment for women who are not afraid to speak their minds and embrace their sexuality and bodies.

Dama Vicke

Born in Mexico City, singer-songwriter Dama Vicke had an interest in music from an early age. She finally debuted on the music scene in 2017 with her single ‘Point of Inflection,’ which took home several awards such as the American Tracks Music Award for Best Independent Artist and Best Lyrics. 

Dama Vicke has lived between Miami, Mexico, and Las Vegas since she was 11, and this allowed her to know many cultures that have directly impacted her music. She mixes rhythms from jazz, alternative rock, and some psychedelic tones.

Linda Briceño

And artists and creatives are not only in front of the microphone. Linda Briceño —also known as Ella Bric— is the perfect example. This Venezuelan singer, trumpeter, percussionist, and producer made history at the Latin Grammys by becoming the first woman to win the producer of the Year award.

Elena Rose

Elena spent her childhood between Venezuela and Puerto Rico, where her passion for music started. She is a composer, producer, and singer who has worked with artists of the urban genre such as Becky G and Rauw Alejandro. Elena launched her career as a singer in 2020 with her single ‘Sandunga.’