Marc Anthony
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

It’s Marc Anthony’s birthday! The top-selling salsa singer born Marco Antonio Muñiz Rivera is officially 54 today – and what better way to celebrate his birthday than by singing his tunes?

To commemorate this star’s life, here are five songs to jam out to and celebrate today!

Ready to dance?

“Vivir Mi Vida”

This song is all about living life to the fullest. It’s a reminder that you must continue to live life even if there are hardships in your way. With lyrics like “Voy a vivir el momento / Para entender el destino / Voy a escuchar en silencio / Para encontrar el camino,” and an upbeat melody, it’s hard not to dance your sorrows away. This song was released in 2013. 

“I Need To Know”

This 1999 hit is one of Marc Anthony’s classics. With this one, he infused R&B with pop and a tropical beat to take over the airwaves. One thing about Marc Anthony is that he serves both English and Spanish-language jams! What can’t the man do?

“Tu Amor Me Hace Bien”

Since its release in 2004, the pop and salsa song has been one of our favorite go-to’s on the dancefloor. This song is from his album Amar Sin Mentiras. ¡Que sabor! 

“Ahora Quien”

This is one of the songs that just HITS. With lyrics like: “Oh, ¿ahora quién, si no soy yo? / Me miro y lloro en el espejo y me siento estúpido, ilógico / Y luego te imagino toda regalando el olor de tu piel / Tus besos, tu sonrisa eterna y hasta el alma en un beso, en un beso va el alma / En mi alma está el beso que pudo ser,” Marc Anthony captivates you in his heartbreak. “Ahora Quien” is part of his album Amar Sin Mentiras which was released in 2004.

“Flor Pálida”

Last but not least, we’re highlighting this tropical pop song that’s considered one of his popular tracks. After all, with such an extensive musical collection, it’s difficult to choose only five songs to represent the artist’s musical trajectory. “Flor Pálida” is part of his 3.0 album released in 2013. 

What are your favorite songs by Marc Anthony?