Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

There are some songs that we all know but have no idea who sings them. We dance to them; they are the soundtrack to a summer (or two), and then, like a shooting star, they disappear. It’s what we call a “one-hit-wonder.”

A one-hit wonder is a musical group that has achieved recognition based on only one widely popular song.” Which artist comes to mind when you think of this?

We have a couple that’ll bring you maximum nostalgia – when you hear these following tracks, what do you remember?

Here are three one-hit wonders that we will never forget.

“Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix)” – Los Del Rio

Surprisingly, this hit is one of the tracks that is often listed as one-hit wonders. It’s actually No. 1 on the “VH1 – 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders,” and is even on the Merriam-Webster definition. To many, the Spanish Latin pop and dance duo dropped this massive hit and left. Well, they sure left their mark with it – I mean, who doesn’t know how to dance to the “Macarena”? 

“The Ketchup Song” – Las Ketchup

Another song that’s often mentioned and thought of when talking about one-hit wonders is the infamous “The Ketchup Song,” or as the Latino community knows it, “Asereje.” The song was so popular that it even had a whole conspiracy behind it. Not only that, it’s been two decades since its release, and the trio continues to perform it. They even went on tour in Europe and Mexico to celebrate its trajectory. Never doubt the power of a one-hit wonder!

“96 Tears” – ? and The Mysterians

Rolling Stone asked their readers to choose their top ten favorite one-hit wonders of all time – unsurprisingly, this track was part of it. What does surprise us, though, is that not many know that Question Mark and the Mysterians has Latin roots. This Mexican-American hit was so big that it’s often credited with pioneering the sounds of the 1960s punk scene. Although they’re classified as one-hit wonders, we’re lucky to have Latin artists who share their stories, and with that help, the scene remembers that Latin representation has been in the DIY punk scene since day one.

What are your favorite – and unforgettable – one-hit wonders?