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If you’re like me you’re struggling with post-vacation blues. Days without having a set schedule; hours to dedicate towards anything your heart desires — these anticipated out-of-office days without prior commitments seem to be more and more longed for, especially as the year leads into the holiday season. Pero, amiga, it’s not winter break yet.

Unfortunately, we have a few months before most of us hit that already-long-awaited-for winter break. On the bright side, the last few months of the year are usually the jolliest and most festive spent with family and loved ones. 

So, let’s shake off those post-vacation blues and lean towards a happy and cheerful mood to get back into our regular routines as we make way for fall and winter.

Ways to get back to our routine include tidying up our space, making a list of what needs to get done for a more consistent and all-around healthier atmosphere, and of course, making sure we take care of our mental health. But what helps the process of checking off these items above? How about listening to good tunes?

To help with the transition, here’s a diverse and genre-bending playlist to help you with your post-vacation blues. 

¡Ándale, ánimo!

“Amor” – San Pacho

Let’s add some house music to your playlist!

“XT4S1S” – Danna Paola

The Mexican popstar Danna Paola released her newest alternative-pop single, “XT4S1S,” giving her fans a feel-good, flirty tune. 

“Hola” – Tokischa, Eladio Carrión

For those who are into a more trap-flow, here’s Dominican rapper Tokischa and American artist’s latest mellow collaboration “Hola.”

“Quién Dijo” – Ivy Queen

The Queen is back with an emotional bachata-infused single.

“Lobby” – Anitta, Missy Elliott

The long-awaited pop collaboration by Anitta and Missy Elliot has finally been unveiled! And just in time to cure your “no quiero trabajar” blues.

“Wish You’d Love Me” – Oscar G

This is another one for the electronic house enthusiasts by the Cuban-American DJ and producer Oscar G. Let’s keep grooving!

“No Controles” – Flans

A little throwback moment doesn’t hurt anyone. This one will take you back to 1985!

“Tsunami” – Maluma, Arcangel, De La Ghetto

Here’s the latest from the Colombian pop star, featuring two greats.

“Ponle Dembow” – Cauty, Zion & Lennox 

It’s still summer, and we’re still partying (when not working), okay?! Let’s get back into our routine with rhythm. 

“Brindo” – Silvana Estrada

And one last song from the Mexican singer-songwriter that will calm our souls!

What songs are currently on your playlist?