5 Classic Spooky Latinx Songs To Listen To
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

We’ve talked about scary Latinx books you should read this season, but what about music to listen to? Whether you’re preparing for a Halloween-themed party or want to be festive while cleaning up your household — we’ve got music to inspire your soundtrack.

Here are five of the most popular Latinx spooky songs to listen to — pero listen thoroughly to the lyrics; they might just give you goosebumps!

“Hasta Morir” – Caifanes

Caifanes is one of my favorite all-time rock en español bands. Although this particular song isn’t usually considered “spooky,” — I beg to differ. With lyrics like: “No creas que por estar desnudo así/No voy a pasearme de puntitas en tu jardín/No creas que esta navaja es para mí/La traje para rascarte a ti [Don’t think that because I’m naked like this/I’m not going to walk on my tiptoes in your garden/Don’t think that this razor is for me/I brought it to scratch you” it’s hard not to be creeped out by Saul Hernandez’s vocals. 

“Diablo” – Fobia

This is another one of the songs that you get instantly creeped out by the lyrics. With Fobia’s lyrics: “Mujer, mujer/El Diablo está aquí en la puerta/¿Por qué no te haces la muerta?/¿Por qué no bailas can-can?/Para mí, para mí [Woman, woman/The Devil is here at the door/Why don’t you play dead?/Why don’t you dance the can-can?/For me, for me” — they secure one of the top spots of our spooky Latinx songs to listen to.

“Lobo Hombre en Paris” – La Union

“Lobo Hombre en Paris” is a classic rock en español tune that’s still played at parties everywhere. However, the lyrics talk about the infamous werewolf horror tale El Lobo-Hombre by Boris Vian. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to mess with any werewolves!

“Brujeria” – El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico

Let’s talk about witchcraft. It isn’t Halloween if there’s no mention of witches, right? El Gran Combo sings: “Que tú me tienes temblando de noche y de día/Tú me hiciste brujería/Me quieres mandar pa’ la tumba fría/Tú me hiciste brujería [You have me trembling night and day/You did witchcraft to me/You want to send me to the cold grave/You did witchcraft to me].” Spooky!

“La Llorona” – Chavela Vargas

Lastly, we’ve talked about Chavela Vargas before. Her music is synonymous with hurt, sorrow, and pain. On “La Llorona,” she sings about the Latin folk tale of La Llorona in her signature ranchera sound. “La Llorona” is typically heard on the Day of The Dead. How could we not mention this OG classic?

What are your favorite spooky songs to listen to during this season?