road trip
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

Nothing’s better than a road trip with your closest amiguis. What’s more rejuvenating than a sun-filled weekend trip with no work emails, family commitments, or negative vibes? Just you and your loved ones vibing, reconnecting, and overall making memories that will be cherished forever. Sounds blissful, doesn’t it?

Often, we get so tied up with our daily work activities and don’t make the extra effort to take a step back to relax. Especially now, after the peak pandemic, we still have to take care of ourselves and give ourselves that extra luxury of taking time off the daily grind.

In fact, in a survey about employee burnout, it was reported that 67 percent of all workers believe burnout worsened during the pandemic. This means that it’s probably that many of those 67 percent surveyed are still recovering from the accumulated fatigue. Did you feel this way?

If this sounds all too familiar, consider taking the road trip with your friends. If not now, then when?

And if you do, here’s the perfect Latino playlist for you to play. Because what’s a fun time without the ideal soundtrack behind it?

“Todavía” – La Factoria

Y’all already know this is a go-to karaoke jam!

“Rosa Pastel” – Belanova

I don’t care if we’re labeled as “fresas” – I can’t go on a road trip without listening to the hits from Belanova’s album Dulce Beat. Iconic.

“Eres Para Mí” – Julieta Venegas

You can’t skip on Julieta Venegas! She’s a certified feel-good hitmaker.

“Tu Falta De Querer” – Mon Laferte

For the broken-hearted girlies – we got you! And even if you’re not going through a hardship, this song just hits.

“Las De La Intuición” – Shakira

We can’t forget our Colombian reina, Shakira! She served on this video – purple wig and all!

“Don” – Miranda!

“Podría ser que al final rompiste el cristal en mí / Podría pasar que me hagas hablar / Yo creo que tienes el don de curar este mal / Es un solo, es la guitarra de Lolo!”

“En la Ciudad de la Furia” – Soda Stereo

This goes out to our alt-Latinas! 

“Para No Verte Más” – La Mosca

How can you not add one of Argentina’s most beloved rock fusion bands to your road trip playlist?

“To My Love (Tainy Remix)” – Bomba Estéreo

The original song is just as great too!

“Las Pequeñas Cosas” – JotDog

To finish up our playlist, here’s another throwback moment! Who remembers the dance to this chorus?