Traditional Latin American Dances That Highlight The Value Of Our Identity
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

From salsa to tango, Latin dances have become iconic around the world. Who doesn’t have a little Latin flavor in their dance steps? Today, many people practice dancing to keep their bodies in shape.

But what other traditional Latin dances do you know? Robitussin brings you four traditional Latin American dances that highlight the value of our identity.


One of the music staples in Latin parties is Elvis Crespo’s “Suavemente.” There isn’t a Latin party that doesn’t play this song at some point on the dance floor. Did you know this type of music is merengue? 

Merengue is a traditional Latin American dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. It dates back to the 1800s. However, Crespo’s Suavemente album remains credited as one of the first albums to bring merengue to the States’ mainstream Latin music industry.

Since before then, though, it’s been a major part of our Latin identity – and continues to be in our households.


Cumbia is another influential dance! As Latinos, we were basically born dancing to cumbia. There are many types of cumbias, but for the sake of time, let’s talk about the most popular region credited with its origin.

Cumbia, like Colombia, is a blend of European, African, and indigenous cultures. It was born on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, where it was originally an African courtship dance that evolved with the addition of African, European, and indigenous instruments and indigenous dance steps.


Bachata is sensuality at its finest. It also originated in the Dominican Republic. It’s a three-step with a Cuban hip motion, followed by a tap, including a hip movement on the 4th beat.

Some of the bachata’s most famous artists today? Think of Romeo Santos and Prince Royce, for example.


We can’t talk about traditional Latin dances without talking about reggaeton. It’s a music style from Puerto Rico that Reggae influenced en Español in Panama, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Bomba, and Plena – and it’s currently ruling the top charts in modern music.

It’s undoubtedly one of today’s most popular dances and music styles that is part of our identity – and can be a main source of exercise! Who doesn’t get down at a reggaeton dance party?