Villano Antillano Finally Releases Debut Album ‘La Sustancia X’
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

Last Friday, the Puerto Rican artist Villano Antillano released her highly-anticipated debut album La Sustancia X. The energetic project is a love letter that “focuses on the power of women, femme people, and the entire LGBTQIA+ community who, in the face of adversity, become super powerful.”

La Sustancia X is the sonic story of a woman who held back her power for a long time and finally shows her flame to the world,” Villana said in a written press statement. “It is a deep journey into the innermost spaces of being, where we find the good, the bad, and the powerful.”

She continued: “Villana is sharp, calibrated, feminine and dominant… a warrior in a battlefield that resists her in vain because her power and vision have already entered the mainstream and changed the course of history forever. Great and celestial, Villana shows herself simultaneously violated and empowered, fallen angel and antagonist at last between classic reggaeton sounds of yesteryear and much more avant-garde and never-before-seen mixes.”

The 11-track project result is a diverse mesh of sounds: classic reggaeton, perreo, electro-pop, rap, and everything in between. The lyrics touch on feminism, being in love, doing whatever you want, being outspoken – but most importantly: being respected as a free woman in society.

“I hope that ‘La Sustancia X’ reminds you that your life belongs to you and no one else, that your happiness and your power are accessible, and that more than anything else, you have to relax and enjoy all the beautiful things that life has to offer,” Villana wrote online.

The Caribbean artist is authentic and unapologetically loud about her star-born style. La Sustancia X marks only the beginning of Villana’s musical career – and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this talented boricua.

Listen to La Sustancia X below.