The Best Rancheras to Drown Your Sorrows

If you’re heartbroken and need a good song to sing from the top of your lungs and let it all out, we got you covered.

This list of the best rancheras to drown your sorrows is what the doctor recommended. From the iconic Vicente Fernandez and Pepe Aguilar to the bold and raw lyrics of Paquita la del Barrio, this is the perfect anti-Valentine playlist!

Let’s get started!

Tus Desprecios – Pepe Aguilar, El Fantasma

For when a chaparrita despises you, and you can’t help but think about her.

Sombras Nada Más – Javier Solís

A very intense and raw song by Javier Solis for when your love is gone, and all you have left are the memories.

A Quién Vas a Amar Más Que a Mí – Vicente Fernandez

For when you want to show someone that you are the best catch and that you love them more than anyone else.

Por Tu Maldito Amor – Vicente Fernández

Another one from Vicente for when you’re still in love with someone who didn’t know how to appreciate you, and you can’t move on.

La Media Vuelta – Luis Miguel

For those who want to give love free reins.

Me Caí de La Nube – Cornelio Reyna

And in moments of deception, let it all out and sing this one by Cornelio Reyna.

Rata de Dos Patas – Paquita la del barrio

We all deserve a moment of spite and heartbreak. Just ask Paquita la del Barrio.

Que Te Vaya Bonito – Ana Gabriel

Ana Gabriel is a specialist In hard goodbyes.

La Derrota – Vicente Fernández

For broken souls and moments of regret there is always Vicente.

Por Qué Me Haces Llorar – Juan Gabriel

From the hand of Juan Gabriel “El Divo de Juárez”, we have this gem to help all broken hearts.

Cantinero – José Alfredo Jiménez

Take that glass; toast for what you have lived, and unburden all your sorrows to the rhythm of Cantinero.

Échame A Mi La Culpa – Pepe Aguilar

Another song by the incredible Pepe Aguilar for those who have no regrets but yet walk out with their hearts broken.

Aunque Mal Paguen Ellas – Vicente Fernández

We can’t deny that Vicente was the master of spite songs, and this one is for those who are struggling to forget a love that only brought them pain.

Tu Recuerdo y Yo – José Alfredo Jiménez

When we can’t get the memory of someone out of our heads, we have to turn to this song by José Alfredo Jiménez.

Besos y Copas – Chayito Valdez

And finally, when it is time to say goodbye to that love that never appreciated you.

There you have it; a different ranchera for all types of heartbreak. Now grab your microphone or put on your headphones and let your sorrows go, one song at a time.

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