Why We Continue to Swoon Over Goyo from Chocquibtown

Colombia is home to much diversity, beautiful landscapes, and many artists, but today we will focus on one singer: Goyo, the Afro-Latina sensation and leader of the urban fusion band ChocQuibTown. 

Born in Chocó, Colombia, Gloria Emilse Martínez Perea, also known as ‘Goyo,’ is a singer, producer, and co-founder of ChocQuibTown, a Colombian band well known in the urban music scene that experiments with a fusion of salsa, jazz, hip-hop, and reggae. 

Goyo grew up in a family strongly influenced by music. One of her aunts was the singer of the famous musical group Grupo Niche. Her other aunts and mother also sang, and the musical vein ran in almost all her family.

Surrounded by so much music, it is not surprising that Goyo has that innate talent and that today music is her great passion.

Goyo and Chocquibtown

Her beginnings were rapping in an urban group in the town of Cali, then decided to change and look for other directions entering to be part of the Sidestepper group. Goyo eventually founded ChocQuibTown with Carlos Valencia, also known as ‘Tostao’ who would become her husband in 2011, and Miguel Martinez Perea’ Slow Mike’, her younger brother.

The band’s name ChocQuibTown was born from the acronyms Choc (Chocó), Quib (Quibdó), and Town (Pueblo), representing and paying homage to the land where its members were born. The band tries to rescue the Caribbean sounds with a mix of more contemporary sounds and convey through their lyrics the situation that the people of Colombia are going through and the sufferings they experience.

ChocQuibTown has achieved national and international recognition with its unique sounds, and songs like “Calentura” or “De Donde Vengo Yo” have earned them several awards and Grammy nominations. Their lyrics have also given the Latino youth a new hope and representation.

Goyo’s Dazzling Power

Goyo is a woman of many talents. In addition to being an extraordinary singer and the female voice of her band, she has participated as a judge in La Voz Teens, a music competition on the Caracol Television network. She also took part in festivals such as the Detonante Festival in Colombia and has been a special guest at the Afropunk Festival in Brooklyn.

Goyo is also an ambassador of culture in her native province of Chocó, and her achievements extend beyond music. Goyo has become a reference in Colombian fashion and has starred in several campaigns for major beauty brands in Latin America. Her focus is on highlighting the beauty of Afro Latin women, and she is proud to be a representative and fight for women’s rights through her art and music.

How can you not love her? Her struggles and her message are something that many Latinas can identify with.

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