Bad Bunny
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

Bad Bunny hasn’t had a normal performing experience since he started his World’s Hottest Tour. The latest? Yet another rush on stage from what appears to be a wild fan. 

However, looking closely – it wasn’t only a fan but a social media influencer. 

The difference between the previous fans rushing on stage is that this time it was a social media influencer at the Made In America festival to promote SHEIN products. Pero, why is an influencer — who already has backstage passes for her and allegedly her friends — still doing the most to get noticed? What are they benefiting from this?

Maybe it’s for the followers and views. In a recent Instagram story, she wrote: “Story time tomorrow… via YouTube.” It seems like she will explain the rush onstage that many recorded and uploaded online. 

But where does this put Benito? It’s dangerous, to say the least. We understand that he’s “used” to this over-the-top fan behavior, but unlike the other videos that have already circulated the web, Benito appears to be scared at first on this one. 

TikTok users are outraged by the fan’s behavior. A TikTok user Chante commented: “People gonna ruin it for others 😑 and all for likes. Ridiculous.”

Others are concerned for the global star’s safety. Another TikTok user Lina commented: “fr dangerous though cause if someone actually wanted to harm him, they could, and ppl would just think it was a fan and not react as quickly.”

As of now, Bad Bunny has ten U.S. performances left on his World’s Hottest Tour.

Let’s hope he bulks up his tour’s security and that he’s able to finish the U.S. leg of his tour without any more unscheduled on-stage guest appearances!

Pues, we wouldn’t want the other tour dates to be affected by this behavior, now do we?