Karol G
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

La Bichota is back – and better than ever. For those who are fans of Karol G, you’re well aware that she has entered a new hot, red-headed era. 

Following the release of her sensual, provocative latest single, “GATÚBELA,” featuring the Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Maldy, the Colombian pop star embarked on her “$trip Love Tour.” It started this week in Chicago, IL, on September 6 – and we’re excited to see how it unfolds.

Thanks to social media, the first concert-goers have already tasted Karol G’s “PROVENZA” new U.S. tour. What’s circulating the web has exceeded our expectations – her coming out in a floating thorn-heart while singing “GATÚBELA”? Unthought of! Also, the heart-shaped stage lights up with fire for the grand entrance. What a queen! 

Another show-stopping element in this highly-anticipated tour includes her flying across the crowd, riding a turquoise makinon in mid-air. What a queen!

It appears that she’s singing all the bangers. The setlist spans Karol G’s older hits like “Ahora Me Llama” to her last album, KG0516 songs like “Ay, DiOs Mío,” “El Barco,” and “200 Copas.” It also includes: “Don’t Be Shy,” “Provenza,” and “MAMIII.” As well as “Bichota” and “Tusa,” which are two of the singer’s most popular tracks to date.

During the concert, she also treated her fans to unexpected news. She revealed that she will release her new album soon! What can we look forward to? Based on the first steamy reggaeton single, we are prepared for all the perreo and party anthems that will surely have us dancing throughout the year.

The tour will continue tonight (Sept. 9) in Boston, MA. It will hit major cities like New York City on Sept. 13, Miami on Sept. 22 and Sept. 23, Las Vegas on Oct. 14, and Los Angeles on Oct. 21.

Are you seeing Karol G this year?