TikTok Trends That Are Actually Good For You
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

We often hear about the bad side of social media trends — take the black-out challenge or the FDA’s warning for people not to cook chicken in NyQuil. For better or worse, TikTok trends make it to the media headlines with challenges that question what people do for the “likes.” But not all trends are bad for you.

From learning new, innovative ways to clean your household to showing you Latin food recipes — here are three TikTok trends that can actually be beneficial for you.

Cleaning hacks

One of the reasons TikTok is so popular is that it creates a community for every niche. In the “cleaning TikTok” hashtag, you’ll see different ways to clean your household. The creators get so into deep cleaning — and what they specifically use — that you will learn a thing or two from these videos. For example: did you know you should use vinegar and dish soap to clean water spots on your shower doors? 

Sustainable living 

For those curious about minimizing your consumerism and getting the best for your buck — let’s talk about sustainable living hacks. Although some of the creator’s tips may sound like common sense, you’d be surprised what you can learn from other people’s sustainable substitutes. Don’t worry — even if you don’t go 100 percent sustainable, it’s worth it to substitute some items to make your space more environmentally friendly.

Latin food recipes

One of my favorite trends is all about food. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cook or not; TikTok creators have your back and will teach you their ways. As aforementioned, TikTok has a plethora of creators from all over the globe in each niche — and this includes those who are into sharing their Latin food recipes. Interested in learning how to make Dominican-style carne guisada? There’s a TikTok for that. Or are you interested in making Latin dishes with a healthier twist? Some TikTok creators post ideas on how to start!

What are your favorite TikTok hashtags to explore?