5 Latinx Horror Films To Watch This Season
Photo courtesy of Hispanicize

“‘Tis the season to be spooky, fa, la, la…” To wrap up this year’s Halloween season, let’s talk about one more thing: Latinx horror films!

Yes, those chills-down-your-spine Latinx horror films still scare you and are a must-rewatch during October. I mean, we’ve already covered scary songs, spooky literature, and of course, emblematic horror tales — we couldn’t miss out on movies!

From “La Casa Muda to “Cronos,” let’s dive into five classic (and modern) Latinx horror films to watch this season — make sure to leave the light on!

‘La Casa Muda’ (Uruguay)

This is one of our fav Latinx horror films. The Gustavo Hernández-directed film tells the story of an innocent girl who finds herself trapped in her childhood home after intruders suddenly attack her father. The Uruguayan film was so impactful that it was remade into what Americans know as “The Silent House.” Sound familiar now?

‘Al final del espectro’ (Colombia)

This Colombian movie “tells the story of Vega, a woman who, after going through a traumatic experience, begins to suffer from fear of open spaces (agoraphobia). For this reason, she leaves her job and, on her father’s recommendation, moves to a new apartment where she begins to live as a hermit. This radical change in life makes her see inexplicable things and hear voices that plunge her into a desperate situation. I don’t know about you, but these types of movies freak me out after the pandemic!

‘Aterrados’ (Argentina)

Are you into the supernatural? If so, this is for you! This Demián Rugna-directed Latinx horror movie came out in 2017. When strange events occur in a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, a doctor specializing in the paranormal, her colleague, and an ex-police officer decide to investigate further. 

‘Vuelven’ (Mexico)

This 2017 film is also known as “Tigers Are Not Afraid.” A dark fairy tale about a gang of five children trying to survive the horrific violence of the cartels and the ghosts created every day by the drug war. Cartel violence mixed with dark fantasy? Sounds scary AF!

‘Cronos’ (Mexico)

And we won’t leave classic Latinx horror films behind. We’ve mentioned this Guillermo Del Toro 1993 classic before. As written, it’s about vampires – in his own twisted way, of course. A mysterious device designed to provide its owner with eternal life resurfaces after four hundred years, leaving a trail of destruction in its path. Tun, tun, tun! 

What are your favorite horror films?