Episode 2: Luis Miguel Messianu, CEO of ALMA

Inside Episode 2

In this kick-off episode of Hispanicize Hangout: Business Edition, check out NGL Collective’s CEO David Chitel, speaking with Luis Miguel Messianu, CEO and Chief Creative Officer from award-winning multicultural ad agency, ALMA.  Learn why Luis Miguel feels that OPTIMISM is the best vaccination to combat COVID-19, and why the Latinx community’s courage, resiliency and optimism are key components to its narrative now and in the future. 

On the business front, Luis Miguel shares his candid thoughts on who’s “getting it right” in a time of COVID, and why the tenets of “brand acts vs. brand ads,” “solving not selling,” and combining “creativity and humanity” are so essential for brands to consider.  Be sure to watch until the end to catch Luis Miguel’s TOP 10 #ShelteringInPlace speed round.